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Making the Customer Happy with Your Communication

“Communication skills, by definition, are slightly more refined applications of the concept of communication.” –


Positive Communication Words

Did you know that word “NO” can cause your brain to release stress hormones into your body in less than one second? Each time that you share information with another person, you are using communication.

As a customer service representative, you want to convey your information in a positive manner. So, if you want to win the hearts and business of customers and achieve both your goals and the customers goals use positive language. Phrases like, “I can handle that for you,” or “It will be available,” are going to ease the stress of your customer.

To be effective with your positive communication, you must first train yourself to think positively. If you have a stable mindset and are not experiencing any tension, then your positive communication will be most effective, and you will be successful even if you do not have an immediate answer for your customer.

You Are Not A Walking Database of Answers

So, a customer asks you a question that you do not know the answer to. Do not beat yourself up over this, your job is to get the answer and satisfy the customer as quickly as you can.

Remember that the customers’ needs are more important than your current situation. If you treat the questions that you do not have the answers to like learning opportunities, you will change your perspective and be able to satisfy the customers’ needs.

If you train yourself to believe that you can solve anything your customers will be able to sense that, and it will give them a sense of security and peace of mind. If ever you are put into a situation that you absolutely cannot resolve, put all your emphasis on the solution for the customer.

Virtual Sector of the Customer Service World

Is virtual communication part of your customer service job? You want to always review what you have written before you send it and if you can, change the negative phrases into positive phrases. If you write to a customer and say something like, “I can’t...,” change it to, “I can learn to…”

Using phrases like this will help the customer receive the positivity even through an email or an instant message. Written communications are the easiest places to start building a positive platform of communication. Social media, blog posts, chats and emails are a good place to practice your positive communication techniques.

Another few good tools to use in communication are:

  • Silence is still golden, often being silent and attentive will coax people into offering more information

  • Ask open-ended questions

  • Be an active listener, so you may provide a coherent and knowledgeable answer

  • Provide information in a way that your customers may offer feedback on your information and form questions if they were not clear on something

  • Be emotionally aware so that the transfer of information is clear, if you are stressed take a short break

  • Choose your words wisely and be enthusiastic about your topic

  • Be honest, effective communication is largely based on trust and an easy barrier to overcome

  • Smile and have a sense of humor, it lightens everyone’s mood and is the #1 stress reliever

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