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Our Service Commitment To You

Client Communication

First and foremost, our agents will be direct and honest with you in all communications from day one. We will be by your side from start to finish and will aid in any way possible to ensure a smooth transaction.

The Details

Selling a home can be a daunting task if you are uniformed of the process. Our agents will explain each step along the way in a manner you feel comfortable with and can understand.

Pricing Considerations

Our experience evaluating property values and market trends will help determine a pricing strategy for your property. This insight will keep you from missing an opportunity by undervaluing or wasting time by overpricing your property.

Marketing Your Property

We will use all strategies necessary to sell your property on your terms. Please see below for home seller marketing plan. Our agents will thoroughly follow-up on each lead generated in relation to the sale of your property.

Home Improvement Suggestions

Based on feedback from other agents and clients, we will notify you of any improvements you can make to your property to ensure everyone sees your property in its prime.

Presenting Offers & Negotiations

We will present and explain each contract that is offered by a potential buyer. Along with any offers, our agents will screen each individual to ensure they are a qualified buyer. This can often be the most stressful part of the real estate process. Our agents are professionally trained to negotiate a deal in which you are comfortable with the outcome.

Closing & Commissions

From the time a contract is agreed upon, our agents will monitor your deal up to the point you hand over the keys. These tasks involve ensuring the loan is in place, closing documents are in place, escrow monies are deposited, and much more.

Industry standards usually has the seller pay for all commissions. In the sate of California there is no set commission rate.  At Blue Sapphire Homes you can set a commission rate with your agent that meets your needs.

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Home Seller Marketing Plan

Blue Sapphire Homes believes in taking a wide-blanket approach to marketing your property. As you will see below, we penetrate all sectors of the buying market by advertising through a variety of mediums. Each selling situation is different and we will tailor our marketing plan to your needs and desires.

Multiple Listing Service Posting

Immediately after you agree to enlist a Blue Sapphire Homes agent to sell your home, your agent will post your property to the Multiple Listing Service, where thousands of real estate agents can view your properties details.

On-Site Signs

Often buyers like to visit their desired neighborhood and will call to see your property on an impulse from a 'For Sale' sign. These company signs also promote a professional and stable selling environment.

Featured Listing Sheet

Our agents will provide listing sheets for buyers who visit your property. This will help buyers to remember the details of your property as well as have easy access to our contact information in the event they have questions or want to present an offer.

Open Houses

 Your agent will hold open houses of your property according to your individual marketing plan. The date and time of each open house will be approved by you prior to scheduling.

Internet Postings

Over 80% of buyers are using the Internet to search for homes before scheduling a single showing. We recognize this trend and will post your property on a number of websites including: and

Multiple Photos

Our agents will take multiple photos of your property to showcase on the Internet. Buyers are much more likely to view a listing on the Internet that has multiple photos to view.

Virtual Tours

We will schedule a virtual tour of your home if we feel it is a viable option to promote the sale of your property. Again, buyers are more likely to view an Internet listing that has a virtual tour option.

Broker Tours

Our agents are encouraged to visit each property listed with Blue Sapphire Homes. This helps to spread the word of your property to their network of clients, agents and personal contacts.

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