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Blue Sapphire has recently become my property management company.  They came highly recommended by a friend of mine.  Drew & Dana have gone over and above to help me through a somewhat rough transition.

You cannot go wrong using Blue Sapphire!!  They are affordable, kind, professional and very pleasant.  Don't spend THOUSANDS of dollars, when you don't have to.  Blue Sapphire Rocks!

When I set out to find a Realtor I came across Blue Sapphire Homes. They were offering a great deal in paying for some of my closing costs. I needed to save as much money as possible so I gave them a shot. I have to say Blue Sapphire Homes is profoundly top of their game in the real estate business! I had the pleasure of working with Drew Eggum.  He was a good listener and generous in sharing information and ideas in finding my home. He helped me work through
problems with my loan and issues that came up in the purchase process. He will give you 100% plus attention . I ended up buying a property at $510,000 and Blue Sapphire Homes was able to squeeze the sellers to cover all closing costs and include the awesome appliances. What real estate company does that? Thank you Drew and my family thanks' you too.

Drew, Dana, and their Blue Sapphire Homes (BSH) team (including Gregg and Allen) have managed multiple of my properties in the east bay for over a decade. I tried to manage my own rental for a several of years in the beginning, and was then conned by a pair of "professional renters" whose job I felt were to cheat and make my life a living hell for almost a year. A close friend who was also a long term customer of BSH recommended Drew to me, and my life has been so much more peaceful ever since. Now with multiple young kids in my life, having to deal myself with managing multiple rentals would be a suicide task.

Drew, Dana, and team have also taught me lot about being fair as a property owner. In many past instances where I felt BSH should have blamed or charged the tenants, Drew, Dana, or Gregg would clearly explain to me the best options to deal with the situations and when they felt I had the rights and when the tenants had the rights.

An example of this that happened twice under their watch is that the tenants recently called to complain that the sink drain was clogged. BSH team quickly notified me of the tenants complaint so that I can provide authorization for BSH to call for a plumbing service to help the tenants ASAP. Thinking of my own personal home situation, I initially thought I'll end up paying the service invoice. I was surprised when Dana notified me that the plumber commented on the invoice that the tenants was at fault for incorrectly disposal of food down the drain. Instead the tenants will have to pay the invoice.

Another example was when a tenant moved out and the wall paint of many of the bedrooms looked worn out. I immediately wanted BSH to deduct the tenants deposit to correct this. BSH team then asked me when the interior was last painted (which was close to 15 years ago) and coached me through that for this instance the tenants were not at fault for normal wear and tear.

I saw some of the negative reviews, and I have a feeling these reviewer may not understand how fair BSH is. They are not here to side with either the landlord or the tenants, as both sides are paying service charges to BSH. They are hear to make sure things are accurate and fair to both parties. Also they are there at least for me to remove my headaches with managing properties, in which I would say they've done a fantastic job these 10+ years.

Finally, I also love their automated software tool that bridge me with BSH team and the tenants. Notifications are quickly routed to the right party, payments from tenants or from me are easily handled, and making any requests (or reviewing them) can be done from a website instead of having to deal with calling someone. Takes out a lot of pain from the experiences.

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