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Home Buyer Services

Attentiveness & Criteria Analysis

Our agents strive to keep each individual client satisfied and educated throughout the buying process. Your agent will ask you a series of questions to determine the specific qualities you are looking for in a property. The more details you give your agent the better your agent will be able to find that perfect home for you.

Mortgage Pre-Qualification

We will recommend trustworthy and attentive loan officers who will determine your buying power based on your financial situation.

Property Updates & Showings

You have the option to have property listings emailed to you that match your criteria as they come on the market.

Our agents will schedule appointments to view properties based on your criteria and availability.

Feedback - If you desire our opinion, your agent will offer an informal, personal evaluation of a property to give you an idea of how it measures up in the current market.

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Offer & Negotiations

When you decide to purchase a property, your agent will prepare a written offer and propose it to the seller or seller's agent upon your approval of the terms. Our agents will conduct the negotiations for you based on your objectives and offer guidance as requested. We have a fiduciary duty to negotiate the best possible purchase price for you.


Based on your level of experience, our agents will tailor their explanation of all the necessary documents to complete a sale. This includes the earnest money deposit, Property Disclosure, the contract itself and more, depending on the transaction.

Monitoring the Deal

Your agent will assist you in meeting all necessary requirements in regards to appraisals, inspections, legal documentation and financing. Our attention to detail will ensure a closing tailored to your specific needs.

Final Walk-Through

​​If desired, your agent will accompany you on a final viewing of the property prior to closing. This will give you the opportunity to discover any final issues that need to be addressed at the closing table.

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Adam P.

When I set out to find a Realtor I came across Blue Sapphire Homes. They were offering a great deal in paying for some of my closing costs. I needed to save as much money as possible so I gave them a shot. I have to say Blue Sapphire Homes is profoundly top of their game in the real estate business! I had the pleasure of working with Drew Eggum.  He was a good listener and generous in sharing information and ideas in finding my home. He helped me work through problems with my loan and issues that came up in the purchase process. He will give you 100% plus attention . I ended up buying a property at $510,000 and Blue Sapphire Homes was able to squeeze the sellers to cover all closing costs and include the awesome appliances. What real estate company does that? Thank you Drew and my family thanks' you too.

bay ara property management
bay ara property management

Closing Process

Your agent will ensure that all paperwork is in order to secure a successful closing. If you desire, your agent will accompany you at the closing table to help address any issues that may arise.

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