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How To Choose The Right Property Manager

Deciding on the right property management team from dozens of others in your vicinity can be an overwhelming task. Knowing what questions to ask potential property managers is a great start.

What is the Company Culture?

Focusing on what the property management company has as a company culture helps you understand as a landlord how they might handle common issues as they arise withy our tenants.

Does the Property Manager Have a Niche they Specialize in?

Often times, property management teams will focus on a particular area or housing type. Finding out what specifically each company defines as their competitive advantage can help determine which company to use.

Social Media & Reviews

Review the company’s social media accounts and see how many followers and engagements they have with their followers. If they aren’t actively marketing properties on social media, how can they ensure your property is getting the right attention?

Maintenance Requests

Most property managers spend more time on maintenance requests than they do being able to ensure their other daily tasks are completed. Having a 24/7 Maintenance Call center is a useful solution as it allows the property manager to focus on the most important issues while confirming the common mishaps are properly handled.

Cost Structure

A company should make it easy to understand what the monthly costs of their services are. Make sure to ask if it is a monthly fee, a hourly fee, or a project-based fee.


Blue Sapphire Homes provides commercial and residential income property owners with hands-on, professional management of their investments. We are committed to providing our customers professional property management service by setting higher standards and exceeding expectations. BRE# 02019498

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